Well Suited: Fine Line Custom Attire

Fine Line Custom Attire wins best clothing store
Well Suited: Fine Line Custom Attire
Mitch Bram
Fine Line Custom Attire

Having a custom-made garment could be considered a luxury for guys. But it doesn’t have to be, says Mitch Bram, who owns Fine Line Custom Attire, a wardrobe-consulting business and custom clothier of shirts, suits, vests and pants. (Bram also sells mens’ accessories, like cufflinks, ties and pocket squares.)

Bram’s “entry-level” suit option is $499, which is comparable to store-bought prices. However, Bram takes 38 measurements for a more custom fit, and wearers can choose literally every aspect of their suit, from fabric to buttonholes to jacket lining color. He works with a factory in Hong Kong and the fabrics are the same ones that are used in suits from designers such as Gucci and Prada.

“The overall comfort of a custom-made product feels like a second skin, as opposed to a suit wearing you,” says Bram. “It gives guys a lot of confidence, and they love that.”

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