WEC: No indication of illegal absentee ballot requests other than widely reported incident involving conservative group, Vos

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A voting booth in Madison on April 5, 2022. WISC-TV/Channel3000.

MADISON, Wis. — The Wisconsin Elections Commission said Thursday it does not believe anyone illegally requested absentee ballots for another person other than the widely reported incident in which a conservative group received ballots for Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, Racine Mayor Cory Mason and others.

In a news release, the agency said it “has taken steps to prevent and identify efforts to submit fraudulent absentee ballot requests” in the wake of HOT Government’s efforts to point out what it and other Republicans have labeled a vulnerability in the state’s election system.

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On Wednesday, the WEC decided not to recommend charges against HOT Government’s president, Harry Wait, who admitted to using the MyVote website to order absentee ballots for 10 people, including Vos.

“Voters should rest assured that voting absentee remains a secure way to vote in the upcoming August 9 Partisan Primary,” WEC Administrator Meagan Wolfe said in the release. “However, to provide additional reassurance, election officials at the state and local level continue to closely monitor for any indication of potentially unauthorized absentee ballot requests, no matter how rare those incidents may be.”

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In the wake of the high-profile incident, the WEC approved sending postcards to nearly 4,000 voters whose ballot request for next week’s primary is being sent to a mailing address that is different from the voter’s registered address. The agency is also monitoring the state’s voter registration system for any indications that may point to illegal requests and is working with municipal clerks and law enforcement when suspicious activity is reported.

In addition, the WEC has added a warning to the ballot request website telling people that posing as someone else is against the law.