Webinar: What white people need to hear to act and bring an end to racial injustice

There’s a community discussion Wednesday night about what white people can do to fight racial injustice.

The discussion will be led by a panel of white people: a UW-Madison psychology professor, Urban League of Greater Madison staff member and others who have worked to eliminate racial inequities in health care and real estate.

The event description says many white people understand that things are wrong, but struggle with complacency that has helped preserve systemic racism in health care, education, fair employment, public safety and the opportunity to accumulate wealth.

“We want people to come away [from the conversation] with new ways to think about how they parent their children and relate to their parents, brothers and sisters – things that make for a more congenial family situation when you can help people understand how they’re promoting and perpetuating racism in that unconscious way,” said organizer Ron Luskin.

The conversation is happening online via Zoom at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, July 29. It will focus on how white people can be allies in making change and combating racism.

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