Wealth of Health

I’m a colorful character when it comes to my message about the importance of healthy eating. As both a registered and certified dietician, I deal with clients in a variety of situations—some are in preventative care classes, others are clinical or in the hospital and we’re working on new diets following surgery; still many are already in the rehabilitation and follow-up portion of their health care. I need to present my ideas and nutrition plans in an open, fun and exciting manner. I find it makes the educational importance of healthy eating easier to “swallow.”
My interest [in healthy eating] began in high school when I learned I was on the borderline of having an eating disorder. I realized it was important for me to understand the science behind food, and how it impacts and affects the body, before I let food hurt me in a negative way. In the end, my career choice hasn’t only allowed me to learn how to practice what I preach in a healthy manner, but it is helping hundreds of others understand nutrition, too. My family knows why we don’t eat fast food and how I feel about all of us exercising together. My son realizes if he eats food colored with synthetic dyes he will have an allergic reaction. And whenever I get the chance I work with the media to share my message of health on an even broader scale.
It goes back to being that colorful character while talking about why eating your fruits and vegetables is so important!

Tammy Fumusa is a registered/certified dietician at St. Mary’s Hospital. Look for her blog in the news section at stmarysmadison.com.