‘We want to make sure racists have no place to go’: Hundreds join Middleton march for Black lives

MIDDLETON, Wis. — People kept the momentum going in the fight for Black lives Sunday night.

Hundreds of people met at Middleton High School for the United We Stand Against Racism March.

Those in attendance heard from organizers before marching over to city hall with their message.

“We want to make sure that racists have no other place to go,” said Dane County Circuit Court Judge Everett Mitchell to the crowd. “When they try to come to Middleton, you be like, ‘Oh, hell no, baby, not here. Not here. Not here.'”

When protesters arrived at city hall, Middleton’s mayor welcomed the group with words of encouragement and support.

“Change makes people very uneasy,” said Mayor Gurdip Brar. “In fact, it makes lots of people very uneasy. Change is hard, but change must come.”

Event organizers said the march was not only intended to raise awareness about systemic racism and White privilege, but also to help support equity initiatives in their community.

Attendees were also encouraged to donate funds to the Education Foundation at Middleton High School.