‘We live here. This is home.’ Milwaukee community reacts to Molson Coors plant mass shooting

MILWAUKEE– The word “Miller” is ubiquitous with Milwaukee. From Miller Park to the Miller Plant, the six-letter word is plastered everywhere. That’s why Wednesday’s mass workplace shooting, at the Molson Coors plant, really hit home.

Glenda Mitchell lives a block from the plant, which locals refer to simply as “Miller.” Mitchell was out early Thursday morning, snapping pictures of the eerily quiet scene and questioning how this could happen in her own backyard.

“It’s heartbreaking to me,” Mitchell told News 3 Now. “How does someone feel like this is their only choice?”

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett is calling the mass shooting, the 11th in Wisconsin since 2004, the saddest day in the Miller Valley.

“We are grieving, the families are grieving, the union brothers and sisters are grieving, our city is grieving, and our state is grieving,” said Barrett, at a news conference Wednesday.

Miller-Coors, a Wisconsin giant for 165 years, continues to operate as one of the country’s largest breweries and packing and distribution centers. Wednesday afternoon, Milwaukee officers worked for hours to clear the more than 20 buildings in the complex where more than 1,000 people work.

“We’re a family here at Miller-Coors,” said the company’s CEO, Gavin Hattersly. “This is an unthinkable tragedy.”

Mitchell agrees she never thought a shooting like this would happen in her own backyard or her home.

“We think it’s an ‘over there’ problem, and everybody in Milwaukee was reminded it’s right here,” said Mitchell.

The Milwaukee community will come together for a vigil at the Ridge Community Center on 108th St. The vigil will begin at 7 p.m. and is open to the public.