We have to stop shooting our children

Milwaukee killings are heartbreaking
We have to stop shooting our children

This past weekend, a long holiday celebration for most of us, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel ran on its front page pictures of nine children who have been killed by gunfire in that city in recent years.

The latest shooting victim of course is 10 year old Sierra Guyton who clings to life after getting caught caught in crossfire on a city playground last week. An 18 year old man with a history of 15 arrests has been charged in the shooting.

First, the pictures are simply heartbreaking. Nine kids, faces full of hope, promise and innocence, dead for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

From those faces it’s a very short leap to the demand for a community response. Can’t we do something to keep children from being shot to death?

The current Madison Magazine has a terrific piece on our gun culture in Wisconsin and why it likely won’t, and many would argue shouldn’t, change.

But it seems likely most of us would agree that an 18 year old with 15 previous arrests should not have a gun. Let’s start there.