‘We have lost a precious child’: Loved ones of 11-year-old shot plead to end gun violence

11-year-old Anisa to be taken off life support

MADISON, Wis. – The 11-year-old girl shot in the head Tuesday is being remembered as happy, smart and a good friend before her life support is removed Thursday morning.

“Sweet, sweet baby, (she would) text me every morning, ‘Good morning, grandma,’” Anisa Scott’s grandma Lorene Gomez said, joined by more than a dozen of her granddaughter’s family and friends at a press conference Wednesday.

“Anisa was an amazing basketball player, amazing friend. She will never be forgotten,” said one of her friends.

The shooting happened in the area of East Washington and Lexington Avenues at around 11:45 a.m. Tuesday. Police said shots were fired from one vehicle to another. Police believe the girl was riding in the car of the intended target.

After a tragedy like this, words are hard to come by, but there’s plenty to say about Anisa’s love for life.

“She loved monster trucks. She loved school,” said Boys and Girls Club of Dane County President and CEO Michael Johnson, who knew her family. “She was very, very smart.”

When it comes to talking about her losing her life, it gets harder.

“This was a beautiful young girl who loved life, and y’all robbed her of it,” Johnson said.

“My grandbaby will take her wings,” Gomez said when announcing Anisa would go off of life support the next morning.

Family members said the time of 11:11 a.m. was chosen because of Anisa’s age and the date she was shot.

“She will always be remembered, never forgotten,” Anisa’s father, Marcel Scott, said. “I love you with all my heart, baby, and one day, we’ll meet again.”

“I will always cherish the 11 years I did get to spend with her,” said Ashley Rios, Anisa’s mother. “She will continue to live through all of us.”

Family members also asked the community to put down their guns.

“We need to end the violence –the gang violence,” said Cindy Robinson, Anisa’s grandma. “We have lost a precious child that we can never get back. It could have been anybody else’s child. It happened to be ours.”

“Our kids, these babies deserve to live. To the folks that are out there pulling these triggers, we have to reach out to these young people. This should not have ever, ever happened,” Johnson said. “Forget this street code, if there’s somebody who knows who did this, please report it, because we want justice for this young child because she deserved to live.”

Johnson encouraged community members to support the family by donating to the fundraiser found here.