‘We deserve justice’: Activist groups demand Dane County DA reopen case against MPD officer Matthew Kenny

MADISON, Wis. — A group of roughly 30 blocked the road in front of Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne’s west side home Sunday, demanding a case against MPD officer Matthew Kenny be reopened.

In 2015, Kenny shot and killed teenager Tony Robinson on Madison’s east side. Shortly after, Ozanne chose not to charge Kenny. Despite a settlement between the city and Robinson’s family that followed, many say the case can be reopened on the basis of perjury.

Matt Kenny perjured himself in his statement,” said an organizer with the activist group Black Umbrella Global. “In the sequence of events, he included a layout of the house. A layout of the house that is incorrect. With that incorrect layout, the sequence of events he described is impossible. So we want that case reopened on perjury.”

Ozanne and MPD officials have previously declined to address whether or not the case could reopen.

If they want to truly do what is right, what is true justice reform, is getting people like Ozanne out of power,” the organizer said. 

Saturday marks the six year anniversary of Robinson’s death. Activists say another event is planned for that day on Madison’s east side.