‘We are kind of under a microscope,’ Dane Co. upgrades voting security ahead of big election season


MADISON, Wis — Dane County officials tell News 3 Now that they’re stepping up election security for Tuesday’s spring Primary. Dane county worked with Homeland Security on the improvements which have been implemented over the course of the last year and will be seen for the first time today.

Officials tested every voting machine twice before Election Day, with a different person testing each time. They’ve also stepped up improvements to make sure that ballots are secure.

“Just making sure we are maintaining the chain of custody. That no one is touching anything they shouldn’t be,” Dane County Clerk Scott McDonell said.

McDonell said protecting the election result page is top priority. The county’s website crashed for several hours during an election in 2018. So they’ve changed servers and updated encryption codes for the county website. McDonell said they will also do some internal auditing of the results. McDonell said he will also publish every ballot image to the web so you can click through it and match it up with election night results.

Officials tell News 3 Now that the spring primary is a good test run for the spring general election which will include the presidential primary and the general election in November.

“Wisconsin, honestly, is in the middle of everything and whoever wins Wisconsin will win the presidency. Everyone in the world knows that. So we are kind of under a microscope,” McDonell said.

Officials said the upgrades are meant to prevent any interfering with elections whether the threat is real or not.