‘We all have guardian angels’: Rock County man saves woman about to jump off Newark Bridge

Town of Beloit police say a woman is safe after being pulled from the edge of the Newark Bridge Tuesday afternoon.

Mike Tuttle said he noticed something was wrong when he passed over the bridge on his way home from running errands.

“I was at Menards and I was getting some stuff for my mom and dad,” he said. “I was coming back from the other side. I’m thinking, this might not be a good situation.”

Tuttle said he turned his car around and parked near the woman, who was standing on the edge.

“I stopped when I got by her and I asked her if everything was OK, and when she looked at me I knew something was wrong,” he said.

When Tuttle got out of his car, the situation became worse.

“She was straddling the rail,” he said. “Then she put her other foot on the other side of the rail, and I thought ‘Oh boy, this is not good.’ So I kept telling her, ‘Don’t do it, don’t do it.’ I kept inching closer towards her.”

When he was close enough to reach her, he pulled her down.

The Newark Bridge in the Town of Beloit was the site of a civilian rescue yesterday. Hear from the man who saved a woman from jumping off… and why he’s saying tonight, he’s no hero. #News3Now @WISCTV_News3 pic.twitter.com/QCrTTuwVb5

— Adam Duxter (@News3Adam) September 25, 2019

“As soon as I got close enough where I could grab her, I just wrapped my arms around her and pulled her back over,” he said. “I told her Jesus loves her more than anybody could hurt her.”

On Wednesday, local police commended his efforts.

“I think he did an excellent job. He saw that there was a crisis going on, and he did take action,” said Town of Beloit Police Chief Ron Northrop. “In my opinion, I do feel at this point he saved her life.”

Tuttle said it was not about him, rather, it was his Christian faith guiding him.

“I just want people to know that God cares about them,” he said. “Life is more important.”

He said he believes it was no coincidence he was there in the moment she needed help.

“She was very close to either falling or jumping, and I believe her guardian angels held her back,” he said. “The Bible says we all have guardian angels. Thank God for that. “

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