Waunakee man suspected of making threats about Colorado-style theater shooting

Police seize computer from man's home

The Village of Waunakee Police Department said it’s investigating a man suspected of making made threats about Colorado-style movie theater shooting.

According to a search warrant, a computer user with the screen name Penn State Joepologist posted “I’M GOING TO SHOOT PEOPLE AT A BATMAN SHOWING NOW!!!!” on an ESPN website on July 23.

An ESPN security specialist worked with investigators in Bristol, Conn., and determined the threat was made from an IP address in Waunakee, and Bristol police contacted the Village of Waunakee Police Department with the information.

According to the warrant, Waunakee police made contact with a 27-year-old Waunakee man who admitted “he had been on the ESPN website at the time the threat was made and also stated that he may have commented in a chatroom when others were talking about the Colorado shooting.”

But the man told police that he “didn’t recall making any comments about shooting anyone,” according to the warrant.

The man gave consent for police to check his home for evidence of a planned attack on a movie theater, according to the warrant.

Waunakee police seized a computer from the home. They said the investigation is ongoing.