Waunakee kids holding up Black Lives Matter signs ’til it starts getting nicer’

Kids are showing their solidarity and support for those who are also fighting for justice

WAUNAKEE, Wis. –For the past five days, 9-year-old Jayden Lomas has been standing on South Century Avenue in Waunkee holding a Black Lives Matter sign.

“I’m out here holding a sign because of all the cops. I’ve been watching videos of them hurting people,” Lomas said.

Lomas said after seeing what happened to George Floyd and what else has ensued around the country, he wanted to join the movement too.

“It’s kind of sad that it’s happening,” he said.

Lomas made a sign that asks people to honk if they are in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Lomas said that people have been supportive for the most part, but he has received some opposition from some people who pass by.

“I was holding this sign and a couple people yelled, ‘No!’ and they were throwing cans.”

Others have brought him drinks, snacks, pens and additional poster board to make more signs. Some people have even come out to join him.

Third-grader Mariana Faust said she goes to the same school as Lomas but never really knew who he was until she saw him standing on the street holding his sign.

“I saw George Floyd’s death on TV and I was like you know what? That isn’t fair. So I would prefer to be on the news than stay at home and yell at the TV screen,” Faust said.

Lomas said several people whom he’s never met before have stood with him in the past several days holding up their own signs.

“I think that it is good that people are doing that so we can have equality,” Faust said.

Lomas said he is going to continue standing on the street with his sign ’til it starts getting nicer.”

Faust said she believes what her new friend is doing is important “so we can all be friends.”