Waunakee football goes for historic win

Warriors back in Division 2 state title game
Waunakee football goes for historic win

The Waunakee Warriors football team has a date with history Friday at Camp Randall.

Waunakee plays Homestead in the Division 2 state championship game at 1 pm Friday and if the Warriors win, they’ll set a state record with their 49th straight win.

Manitowoc shares the current mark with Waunakee at 48 and a victory Friday would set the mark and give the Warriors a 4th straight state title.

The winning streak has created a lot of pride at the high school and the community.

This year’s team is trying to put its own stamp on the football tradition.

Senior lineman Jacob Ohnesorge says “All the other guys, the past players, it’s great that they’ve had the winning streak but a lot of us– actually none of us were starting or even on varsity when the winning streak started so I mean it’s a cool thing but we’re just trying to make our own statement this year.”
Quarterback Will Decorah was instilled in the tradition early. “Seeing the guys run out at Warrior Stadium when we were kids , those guys were kind of our heroes and I just remember growing up and not being able to wait til I got to have that opportunity to wear that jersey”
Head coach Pat Rice adds, “We all feel a part of it from our 4th grade youth stuff all the way through our high school program . It’s a special group and to hear those guys say that, makes me happy because they’ve gotten the message.”