Waunakee business owner charged with tax fraud


WAUNAKEE, Wis. — A Waunakee business owner was charged Thursday with tax fraud.

According to a news release, Thomas P. Donarski, 53, is the owner of Sparkling Clean Air Duct Cleaning, as well as home remodeling company Almost Anything.

The release said Donarski is facing criminal tax charges for filing fraudulent Wisconsin income tax returns. He was charged with four felonies for filing false or fraudulent tax returns from 2015-18.

According to a criminal complaint, Donarski failed to report taxable gross receipts of $485,531 over the four-year period. During that time, he had actual gross receipts of $751,835 and only reported $266,304. As a result, officials said he failed to report $27,687 of Wisconsin income taxes.

The Wisconsin Department of Revenue also found that in Donarski’s computer records, he had searches for “how much tax do you pay on underreported income of $500,000,” “how far back does the IRS go back for fraud,”  “what can the IRS seize,” “do banks record the checks deposited,” and “tax fraud penalties.”

If convicted, Donarski could face up to 24 years in prison, a $40,000 fine, or both.