Watertown custodians use two days of canceled class to scrub school from top to bottom, hoping to stop spread of flu

Thirty students stayed home Monday because they were sick with the flu

WATERTOWN, Wis.– Watertown Catholic Schools principal Sherry Harms said she knows she made the right choice canceling school Tuesday and Wednesday after 30 students stayed home sick with the flu Monday.

Harms said the two days are being used for the custodians to scrub the schools from top to bottom in hopes of stopping the spread of the flu.

Kevin Laurion was the custodian working at the high school Tuesday afternoon, disinfecting any surface the kids may have touched.

“He has sprayed everything with Lysol, we’ve wiped things down with bleach water, he’s mopped the floors with bleach water that he could. He’s going to start from the top of the school and work his way down,” Harms said.

Laurion has been a custodian for the past 15 years.

“Having a good, clean environment to learn in is very important,” Laurion said.

Laurion said the amount of work he is doing in two days usually takes him the entire summer to do.

“We have a lot of sick kids,” Laurion said. “They’re now gone for the next two days so we just want to make sure they have a good, clean environment for them to come back in.”

Laurion will clean 16 classrooms, 10 bathrooms, all lockers and handrails by the time the students come back to class Thursday.

Harms said no additional days of school will be added to the end of the school year for these two missed days.