Waterloo Volleyball

Prep Mania Team Of The Month
Waterloo Volleyball

The Waterloo volleyball team had a productive weekend in Green Bay. They went to the Resch Center and brought home a Division Three State Championship. 

The Pirates finished their season 23-2 and wouldn’t have gone as far if not for their laid back demeanor. That demeanor stems from their head coach Scott Schumann, who embraced his team’s practical jokes off the court. 

One night this fall, the girls even took the liberty of “forking” the coaches yard. Schumann estimated he picked 500 forks out of his front yard. The team maintains the number was closer to 1,000. 

Schumann took the prank in stride, but the team paid for their misdeed. Despite their protests, they had to do extra running in practice the next day. 

“They said ‘it brought us together as a team. It helped us bond. How can you punish us for bonding?’ It was somewhat of a valid point,” Schumann added.

The coach and the team shared the last laugh, as they brought home the gold this weekend. Schumann has almost forgotten about his extra yard work….almost. 

“Not forgotten, but forgiven.”