WATCH: Video released of arrest, aftermath of police shooting of Quadren Wilson

MADISON, Wis. — The Madison Police Department has released an edited version of street camera footage showing the aftermath of the attempted arrest and police shooting of 38-year-old Quadren Wilson on the east side of Madison last week.

Cameras at the intersection were not pointed in the direction of the incident when it took place on the morning of Thursday, February 3, but eventually pan over to show the scene. The video shows a swarm of law enforcement agencies converging on Wilson’s car, which was trapped between two unmarked law enforcement vehicles.

The video also shows the Madison Fire Department arriving on scene and helping wheel Wilson away on a stretcher. Officers had pulled Wilson out of the car after he had been shot several times.

The video provided by police frequently skips ahead in time, including at the moment authorities were trying to pull Wilson out of the car.

The Dane County Sheriff’s Office, which is investigating the incident, says state and federal agencies were working with local law enforcement to arrest Wilson on a Department of Corrections warrant. Authorities have not said what the warrant was for, who shot Wilson, or whether he was armed. Wilson’s family claims he was not armed and there were no weapons in the car when he was shot.

Madison Police officials say none of their officers fired their guns or saw the shooting happen.

Wilson was taken to the hospital to be treated for his wounds before being transferred to the Dane County Jail. Wilson’s family held a press conference on Wednesday, calling for him to be allowed to go back to the hospital to get treatment, claiming he is not being adequately cared for in the jail, alleging his bandages are not being changed and he does not have access to pain medication.

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News 3 Now has continued to ask the Dane County Sheriff’s Office every day for updates on the investigation, but was told no new information was available on Wednesday.