Wartime exhibition helping grieving families heal

Display honors those killed since September 11, 2001
Wartime exhibition helping grieving families heal

The faces of some who have made the ultimate sacrifice to our country are now on display at the Wisconsin State Capitol.

The traveling exhibit, entitled “Remember Our Fallen,” which honors the state’s service members killed since September 11, 2001, is housed in the building’s rotunda until July 15.

Needless to say, it’s a sobering presentation. Especially for people like Mary Bosveld of Appleton.

Bosveld’s daughter Rachel was killed in Iraq. She and other families are using the exhibition to bond over their losses.

“It helps me to know her memory lives on and that’s really all I want,” said Bosveld. “But not just for me, all of the other families here.”

“It’s like family, I met up with some other families already,” Bosveld continued. “It’s like coming home and we reconnect again.”


“It’s been a very, very difficult thing,” commented Mary Ann Coleman, whose grandson died in battle. “No one would know unless you’ve been there, but when you go to these programs you start the healing process because you see the people who’ve been there.”

Veteran Bob Curry of Dryhootch helped bring the exhibit to Madison.

“This is the sacrifice that happens when we go to war,” said Curry. “So all of those things like voting and making choices becomes more important when you look at the face of somebody.”

The exhibit is about those somebodies. Gone but not forgotten.

“When it’s hot like this, I think about our soldiers over there,” said Bosveld.

Bosveld said she’s proud of her daughter’s service as a policewoman in Iraq.

Now the pictures Rachel left behind are helping her to heal.

“She loved what she did, she loved to socialize with the community,” said Bosveld. “I have many pictures of her with the children and the families.”

When the exhibit leaves the State Capitol after Sunday, Curry hopes to take the display to other communities across the state.