Warrant: Substitute teacher allegedly put hand down shirt of teenage student

Dustin Schallert faces charges of 2nd degree sexual assault of a child
Dustin Schallert mug shot

VERONA, Wis. — A 13-year-old girl says a substitute teacher at Badger Ridge Middle School inappropriately touched her, including reaching his hand down the front of her shirt, according to documents filed into Dane County court.

The search warrant for Dustin D. Schallert includes an account from the girl, who says she was sitting at a table with another girl in the class Schallert was teaching when he approached the two.

The girl says Schallert reached into the pocket of her classmate and took out a piece of gum and put it in his mouth without saying anything, before asking her what she was doing after class while sliding closer to her.

The girl says Schallert eventually moved so close that his right leg moved on top of her left leg. She eventually got up and moved to a different part of the classroom to get away from Schallert, but returned to her original spot because she did not want her classmate to be alone with him.

She says Schallert returned to that part of the classroom and again sat close to her. She tried to create separation between the two of them by crossing her legs, but was backed against a filing cabinet and could not move further away. The girl alleges Schallert started playing with her hair and twirling her ponytail between his fingers before putting his hand on the top part of her chest, then moving his hand under her shirt and over her bra strap and upper breast.

The girl says she emphatically told him to stop before removing his hand from under her shirt and running out of the classroom and to the school office, where she immediately reported the incident to the school’s associate principal, who then contacted the principal.

The school’s principal told police he went to go remove Schallert from the classroom after hearing the report, and when he went to do so, Schallert was braiding the hair of another student. Schallert claimed that he asked the student if he could braid her hair, and told the principal that he was “bored” by the lesson plan and was trying to keep students engaged. The principal escorted Schallert off school grounds and told him he would not be permitted to return as a teacher.

Several other students who were in the class verified the girl’s account, and said Schallert put on her jacket after she left the classroom and touched other students’ hair. One student reported that Schallert’s pupils appeared to be dilated.

Schallert is currently in the Dane County Jail and faces potential charges of 2nd degree sexual assault of a child.