Warmer weather boosts holiday shoppers’ spirits

Warmer weather boosts holiday shoppers’ spirits

Last-minute holiday shopping was made a little bit easier Wednesday with warmer weather boosting spirits and profits.

It may look and sound like Christmas inside Hilldale Shopping Center, but step outside and Dec. 23 feels more like April.

Plenty of shoppers at the outdoor center traded in their parkas and snow boots for shorts and T-shirts.

“I was just like “OK, I’m going to wear short sleeves because it’s really warm out,” shopper Anna Mattmiller said.

The warmer weather is making holiday shopping more pleasant and profitable.

Hilldale mall officials attribute higher-than-normal holiday sales to the unseasonably warm weather.

“I was getting stuff for Secret Santa and Christmas gifts for all of my friends and this weather makes it easier,” Mattmiller said.

Meterologist Gary Cannalte said we can thank these milder temperatures, in part, to El Nino.

“Just a couple of days before Christmas to have near-record high temperatures, is very unusual,” Cannalte said. “We’ve been unusually warm but we are going to turn colder eventually, just not bitterly colder like we see during the winter.”

While some would call this weather an early gift, others are longing for that white Christmas.

“It would’ve been nice a couple flakes on Christmas Day but I don’t think we are going to see it,” shopper Eve Ertl-Bick said.