Warm Wisconsin weather expected through November

Warm Wisconsin weather expected through November

A week of warm weather in Wisconsin has everyone out and about this week, and the experts say we can expect it to last through the month.

University of Wisconsin meteorology professor Jonathan Martin said a stronger-than-normal El Nino pattern in the Pacific will push warmer temperatures into the Midwest throughout the rest of the month. But he said it will likely not be as warm as the 70 degree days Wisconsin will enjoy this week.

This is the first time in nearly two decades such a strong weather pattern has hit the Great Lakes states.

“[In ’97-’98] you could throw rocks into Lake Mendota,” Martin said. “The ice was gone Feb. 28, so I went down with my kids and threw rocks in the lake, and I told them, ‘This will never happen again.’ Well, it might this year.'”

That same weather pattern is bringing colder-than-normal temperatures to the southwest this fall, along with more precipitation.