Warm weather businesses boom in mild December

Warm weather businesses boom in mild December

Madison might not see a white Christmas this year, and some in the city are happy to hear it.

The city’s streets division still has its plows in storage, and according to the city’s recycling coordinator George Dreckmann, that’s exactly where they like them.

“I dream of brown Christmases,” he said. “All the extra work we have to put in when it snows, I don’t mind that it’s not snowing one bit.”

Dreckmann said every snowstorm can cost the department $300,000 in supplies and overtime paid to its workers. Every week without snow is a little more money saved.

“Just because we had two good weeks now, all that progress could be erased by two bad weeks,” Dreckmann said.

Local ice cream parlors are benefiting from the warm weather, too.

Michael Dix from Michael’s Frozen Custard said business is up 38 percent over the last two months, which is an unusual occurrence for December.

“In the wintertime, our sales drop off,” Dix said. “Now, people are out buying more and more custard.”

Dix credits the weather.

“When the sun comes out, it makes people happy. And when people are happy, they want to treat themselves to something great in life.”