Wallet with $1,800 cash found in Culver’s bathroom

Janesville woman reunited with lost wallet, money

Madison police said a small purse-style wallet with more than $1,800 cash inside was found in the bathroom of a Culver’s on Sunday.

A Culver’s manager called the Madison Police Department from the restaurant’s West Beltline Highway franchise Sunday evening saying a customer had found it in the women’s bathroom the day prior.

Police said the manager didn’t know who the finder was, but a 59-year-old Janesville woman would like to thank her.

The Janesville woman had come to Madison to do some shopping Saturday and had in her wallet a couple of months worth of rent money that she had received from her son. She had not yet had the chance to deposit the funds.

Police said the woman very accurately described the wallet and its contents, and she has now been reunited with her credit cards and her more than $1,800 worth of cash.