Wallet theft victim chases thieves

Police arrest two men

A Madison man whose wallet was snatched out of his hands by two thieves gave chase and two arrests were made, according to Madison police.

The 47-year-old victim told police he was pumping air into his tires at PDQ at 4202 Milwaukee St. when two men approached and asked him for change. When he pulled out his wallet one of the men grabbed it and the two men fled in their car.

The victim got into his vehicle and pursued the men while keeping dispatchers updated on his location, according to police.

Investigators said the men left their car near Portland Parkway and Belmont Road and fled on foot. Police were able apprehend both men.

The victim was able to identify the men.

Raphiel D. Kuntu, 20, of Madison was arrested on suspicion of felony theft, possession of marijuana, and resisting and officer. Vernon E. Lyles, 20, of Madison, was arrested for party to the crime of felony theft.