Walldog public art painters descend on Beaver Dam

Walldog public art painters descend on Beaver Dam

The history of businesses in Beaver Dam is being preserved through public art projects done by the Walldogs, a group of artists from around the country.

The latest project is a mural being painted on the side of a brick building once occupied by Kamraths, a store that sold radios, televisions and cameras. The mural will reflect the heritage of the business and the era.

“You are putting yourself into it and you feel like you are part of that history, and when it is done it is kind of like you leave a little bit of yourself behind in that history era,” said Judy Beyer, a Walldog artist from Fox Lake.

This is the second public art mural project for the Walldogs in Beaver Dam. Two years ago they painted a mural to commemorate Monarch, a large manufacturing company with roots in Beaver Dam.

While the scale of the murals are large, each artist focuses on their portion of the project until it is completed.

“The 12-by-12 inch in your area is all you think about. The rest is in your head and you are imagining where you are going to be going next, but you do not oversee the whole picture at one time,” said Sam Staffan, a Walldog from Michigan.

Nancy Bennett founded the Walldogs in 1993. Every summer since, the artists have come together in cities around the world to create the public art projects. To date, they have completed nearly 500 murals.

“We get to work together and there’s something special about working together to create something that when you stand back and look at it is a whole piece and that you are part of something,” Bennett said.

Beaver Dam is making plans to have the Walldogs return in 2017 to create additional murals.