Walker tells Trump to focus on Clinton

Walker tells Trump to focus on Clinton

Gov. Scott Walker says he’s told Donald Trump he needs to focus his campaign message in Wisconsin and across the nation.

Walker spoke to reporters following an event at the Beloit Public Library, and said he expected poll numbers to be “a roller coaster” in Wisconsin until election day.

He also said he’s spoken to both men on the Republican Party ticket about their message in the state. 

“It’s something I said to my friend Mike Pence, something I said to Donald Trump: You gotta focus on those issues and the difference between Hillary Clinton and him,” Walker said.

Trump and Pence are behind by double digits in the polls in Wisconsin.  Pence hosted two rallies on Thursday in which the venues did not completely fill with supporters.

Walker says that’s because of statements made by Trump that he calls distractions.

“What happens is that every day that there is a story about that, (which) becomes a story that takes away from the distinctions between the two candidates,” Walker said. “Those stories blow up and there’s a day or two of having to explain what was really meant, as opposed to just saying here’s what he stands for, what she stands for, her background, here’s his background.”

Walker said he wasn’t concerned about a lack of enthusiasm in La Crosse, or southeast Wisconsin, where Trump is polling behind Sen. Ron Johnson by 12 points.

“I still believe firmly that those votes come home if and when Donald Trump and Mike Pence are able to redirect attention to the difference between Trump and Clinton,” Walker said. 

Whether that can be accomplished may be the question.  Trump told CNBC this week that he intended to “keep doing the same thing I’m doing right now.”

Trump is expected back in Wisconsin next week for fundraisers and rallies in La Crosse and Milwaukee.