Walker is ‘wheels up’ to Guantanomo Bay l

Gov. Scott Walker is headed to Cuba to visit Wisconsin National Guard troops at Guantanomo Bay.

The Department of Military Affairs is flying Walker and his entourage to the military base Thursday morning. The Milwaukee-based 32nd Military Police Company is providing support for Joint Task Force Guantanomo and the Joint Detention Group.

The task force operates detention camps for prisoners captured in Afghanistan and elsewhere since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. Military Affairs Lt. Col. Gary Thompson said Thursday Walker will visit with the troops, but won’t have any contact with prisoners. The governor plans to return to Wisconsin Friday.

President Barack Obama has been critical of the continued operation of Guantanamo. He says spending hundreds of millions of dollars to keep fewer than 60 men in isolation undermines U.S. standing in the world and emboldens violent extremists.