Walker fights allegations of scheme, Burke says “not a focus”

Walker calls the "John Doe" investigation resolved
Walker fights allegations of scheme, Burke says “not a focus”

Governor Scott Walker is fighting back on allegations he was involved in an illegal fundraising scheme.

Walker answered questions on “Fox and Friends” early Friday morning.  He called the “John Doe” investigation of his campaign and conservative groups “resolved” following rulings in federal and state courts, saying the documents were old news.

“They’re going to come at it with just about everything out there and the media, at least many of the media, are willing accomplices to this,” said Walker. “But the facts of the case are pretty clear.

Two judges did order the investigation halted, but the case is not finished.  The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals is still considering whether the investigation into fundraising and spending should continue.

Walker claims the allegations are overblown.

“What you see is the left and others out there trying to stir things up,” said Walker.

It’s not being done by Walker’s opponent, Democratic candidate Mary Burke. She said on a TV show recorded Friday in Milwaukee that she was “disappointed” in the allegations, but they wouldn’t be a focus of her campaign.

“But certainly this investigation should run its course – the people of Wisconsin are owed that – but in my campaign I’m going to be focusing on making sure they get to know me and the type of governor that I’ll be,” said Burke in an interview with Mike Gousha, in a transcript released by her campaign Friday.  She has instead been focused on recent jobs figures showing the state ranked 37th in the nation in job creation.

Marquette Law Professor Charles Franklin says the strategy may make sense.

“We don’t know if the John Doe issue will still be a hot issue come November,” said Franklin.  “I think we’re very confident that jobs will remain a core part of the campaign.”

Meanwhile other liberal groups, including One Wisconsin Now, are trying to draw attention to the allegations.

“I don’t think that you’re in a good place when you have to defend and say this investigation that says I was involved in criminal acts is over because I think people don’t buy that,” said Scot Ross, Executive Director of OWN.

Walker fired back with his own attack Friday, starting a statewide media buy aimed at connecting Mary Burke to the Doyle Administration

Franklin says his Marquette Law Poll asked seven times in 2012 on the last John Doe investigation and the issue didn’t really move voters one way or the other as it developed.  He’ll be asking about this in his next poll due out in late July.