Walker denies he’s interested in Cabinet position

Pocan says Labor secretary rumor 'makes sense'
Walker denies he’s interested in Cabinet position

Gov. Scott Walker continues to have “no interest” in a cabinet position, despite a Congressman saying he heard that Walker may be in the running for labor secretary, if the current choice isn’t confirmed.

Rep. Mark Pocan, D-Madison, tweeted Monday morning that he was “hearing rumors in DC that Scott Walker wants Labor Secretary if Andy Pudzer’s nomination falls through.”

Pocan said Monday that fresh rumors began to circulate in Washington last week that Walker could be interested in the job if President Donald Trump’s nominee Andrew Puzder is not confirmed. His hearing has been postponed multiple times.

Joe Fadness, a spokesman for the governor, referred News 3 to statements Walker made on the issue on Nov. 9, saying that Walker had “no interest in a cabinet position and loves being Governor.”

Fadness said he didn’t know if Walker had been approached by the administration with an offer for a cabinet position, and said he “could not speak to private conversations the governor may have had.”

Walker told reporters Monday in Green Bay that he is “not going to be in the Cabinet,” the AP reported. Walker has repeatedly said he’s focused on possibly running for a third term as governor.

Pocan said the rumors caught on after Walker talked about labor issues with Vice President Mike Pence, and after Walker engaged in a Trump-like Twitter battle with Democratic U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin.