Walker defends hiring of Suder for PSC job

Walker says Suder's handling of grant wasn't a consideration in hiring
Walker defends hiring of Suder for PSC job

Gov. Scott Walker said former Assembly Majority Leader Scott Suder’s involvement with a $500,000 grant for a politically connected group played no role in his decision to hire Suder for a state job.

Walker was asked Wednesday about whether he took into consideration Suder’s role in getting language put in the budget that led to United Sportsmen of Wisconsin being awarded the grant. The Republican-connected group had Suder’s former chief of staff on the board of directors.

Walker said he looked at the totality of Suder’s experience, “not just any one particular item.”

Walker rescinded the grant after questions were raised about the group’s tax-exempt status.

Democrats on the Legislature’s budget committee tried to discuss the issue Wednesday, but Republican co-chair John Nygren said it was out of order.