Walker comfortable with slow expansion of vouchers

Walker not saying whether he'd use line-item veto to eliminate enrollment cap
Walker comfortable with slow expansion of vouchers

Gov. Scott Walker says he’s comfortable with the slow expansion of the school voucher program, and he also remains supportive of an agreement that he and Republican lawmakers reached about its growth.

Walker spoke Tuesday to members of School Choice Wisconsin, a pro-voucher group.

Walker’s initial budget proposal would have expanded vouchers to nine districts, with no enrollment limit after the second year. But he reached a compromise with GOP lawmakers that would expand the program statewide and impose enrollment limits everywhere except in Milwaukee and Racine.

Walker says he’s OK with the slower pace. He says it provides an opportunity to show on a small scale how well the program works, and it can be expanded from there.

He also says he’s a man of his word when it comes to upholding agreements.