Walker and Burke hitting all parts of the state in final four days before election

Governor candidates trying to ensure turnout for their side next week
Walker and Burke hitting all parts of the state in final four days before election
Mary Burke and Scott Walker

The candidates for governor are hitting all parts of the state, including Central Wisconsin, on a final four-day blitz.

Democrat Mary Burke started the morning at Lane’s Bakery in Madison. She addressed the recent attacks about her time at Trek, ones saying she was fired from her job there. She continues to call them false, and even started an ad going after the story’s source.

Burke is not concerned that these allegations came out so close to the election. She hopes it helps voters learn something else about her.

“I would hope with regard to me that they will understand that I am up for this job. I can take anything that is thrown at me,” said Burke.

Gov. Scott Walker continued down his own trail Friday, touring Wausau Supply in Schofield with former Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

“Defending every incumbent is important, but the fact is that there are some states where the Washington special interests are trying to make an example of people,” said Christie.

However, Walker is more focused in the final days with manufacturers, and leading voters with his well-worn message.

“We’re talking about how much better things are than they were four years ago, how much better they’ll be in the next four years. We’re ending up on a positive, optimistic message,” said Walker.

Both candidates have at least four stops a day scheduled from Saturday until Tuesday.