Walgreens fined for price scanner inaccuracies

Walgreens fined for price scanner inaccuracies

Walgreens is being fined by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection for what it describes as price scanner inaccuracies and signage issues in stores throughout the state.

The state agency said it conducted investigations of 58 Walgreens stores throughout the state over two days in August 2012. Inspectors asked the stores to correct prices on 121 products after the first day of inspection. Two stores in LaCrosse and Superior failed to correct the prices after inspectors ordered them to, the department said.

Inspectors said eight stores failed to correct the overcharges found on the first day of inspections.

The investigators said they also found 11 cases of stores not posting required signs telling customers that they are entitled to a refund when they are not charged the lowest advertised price.

The Madison Road Walgreens in Beloit, a Madison store on East Campus Mall and the Walgreens in Mount Horeb are among the stores found to be overcharging customers.

The East Washington Avenue store in Madison wasn’t overcharging but was also in violation for not having the correct signage related to overcharge refunds.

Under an agreement, Walgreens paid $29,241 and did not admit to violating any state laws.


Walgreens paid a civil forfeiture in 2009 for similar alleged violations, according to state officials.