Waiting on state self-insurance is prudent decision

Waiting on state self-insurance is prudent decision

We’re pleased the Group Insurance Board decided to wait to make a decision on converting Wisconsin state worker health benefits to a state, self-insurance plan.

First of all, there are legitimate questions about the details of the reorganization and whether it would indeed save the state money.

Second, right now no one can predict the future of the Affordable Care Act in the new Trump administration and it seems premature to make such a drastic policy change in Wisconsin without knowing what the federal health care landscape looks like.

And last there is the simple fact that Wisconsin’s longstanding system of allowing state employees to choose from a variety of plan options from 17 different HMO’s has been popular and successful in holding down worker costs.

Wisconsin has one of the best health care systems in the U.S. If state employee insurance changes are to be made we need to be sure we know what we’re doing.