W. Wilson St. tenants wait to go back inside after building evacuated for structural issues

MADISON, Wis. — Wait and see — that’s what many people who work in a downtown Madison office building need to do before they can go back in.

City officials don’t believe 131 West Wilson Street could immediately collapse but the Inspection Department was concerned enough to temporarily clear out the office late last week.

That’s when they received at least two reports from people in the building feeling trembling — and there have been past reports of structural issues in the underground parking garage.

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The city plans to keep people out until engineers determine there is no concern with the structure and work to support the garage can be completed.

The building was built in 1971 and went through some repairs in 1990, but engineering reports the city provided us with today show issues popped up again in 2016 and beyond.

Reports show structural and concrete stability concerns — and a recommendation in July of this year advised the city to barricade the parking garage until temporary supports could go up.

For context-this building and property owned by Rice Investments, LLC -is valued at an estimated $10.2 million.

Italian restaurant– Paisan’s is on the ground level there -as well as a number of apartments and office space.

Paisan’s Co-Owner-Wally Borowski- says they will be shut down for at least 15 days because of the issue.

“When we heard this it was like…oh man, now what? So we are just trying to work with our staff to keep them and keep them employed,” Borowski said.