VP candidate Ryan pauses to spend time with family

Ryan prepping for VP debate Thursday

Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan took a break from debate preparation to spend time with his family.

Ryan, his wife and their three kids went to Sturtevant on Sunday to pick pumpkins and eat caramel apples. He and his wife then stopped at Tenuta’s Delicatessen in Kenosha and bought spices for venison sausage– in case he bags a deer.

His last stop was at a Columbus Day dinner hosted by the Italian Americans Society of Kenosha in Kenosha.

When asked how preparations for Thursday’s debate with Vice President Joe Biden were going, he joked: “What debate?”

Ryan’s visit comes as Mitt Romney continues to fight for ground with only a month to go. A Marquette University Law School poll last week showed President Barack Obama with an 11-point lead.