Rosie the Rubbisher, Crush Farley, Stone Cold Squeeze Often: voting in final week to name trash compactors


MADISON, Wis. — There’s not much time left to have your say in what Madison’s new trash and recycling compactors should be named.

Voting wraps up on July 5 and the competition is fierce. When you cast your vote, you will rank the top five names for each compactor from a list of finalists. The name with the most points at the end of the election wins.

A #1 rank earns five points, a #2 rank earns four, a #3 earns three, a #4 earns two and a #5 earns one.

For the trash compactor, “Rosie the Rubbisher” has amassed a large, but not unassailable lead of 394 points. Voting for the recycling compactor is much closer, with “Sir Crushalot” leading by just 20 points as of Tuesday morning.

You can vote here.

Trash Compactor

  1. Rosie the Rubbisher – 2,391 points
  2. Crush Farley – 1,997 points
  3. Trashy McTrashface – 1,976 points
  4. Squashbob Trashpants – 1,860 points
  5. Alexander Cramilton – 1,839 points

Recycling Compactor

  1. Sir Crushalot – 1,955 points
  2. Stone Cold Squeeze Often – 1,935 points
  3. George Squashington – 1,924 points
  4. Pulverine – 1,769 points
  5. Ron Squeezely – 1,709 points