Voters come out against $69.9M referendum for Milton schools

Voters come out against $69.9M referendum for Milton schools

A $69.9 million referendum for the School District of Milton was defeated during the election Tuesday.

More than 3,300 people voted against the referendum, with nearly 2,000 voting for it. Only 45 percent of voters were for the referendum, while 55 percent were against it. Nearly 6,000 people voted on the issue.

The hefty price tag was $17 million cheaper than last year’s referendum, which narrowly failed. According to the election results on the Rock County Clerk’s website, 49 percent of voters were in favor of the $87 million referendum and 51 percent were against it. The difference was less than 300 votes.

The proposed plan would have had the existing high school become the new middle school. The current middle school would have been turned into a second intermediate school.

The school district released a prepared statement Tuesday thanking the community for participating in the election.

“Although the majority of the Board of Education and staff felt the solution presented was the very best to reduce overcrowding in all schools and improve student learning environments, we accept the results of tonight’s referendum and the democratic process,” Superintendent Tim Schigur said.