Voter turnout reaches 58 percent in Wisconsin recall

Officials had predicted historic turnout
Voter turnout reaches 58 percent in Wisconsin recall

Turnout for the historic Wisconsin recall election is about 58 percent of eligible voters statewide.

More than 2.5 million people cast ballots Tuesday.

Republican Gov. Scott Walker defeated Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett in a race that was watched throughout the country.

The Government Accountability Board had predicted that up to 65 percent of eligible voters would go to the polls.

Reports during the day on Tuesday had that number even higher as voters told of long lines at the polls. Those early reports of potentially high voter turnout initially prompted optimism at the Capitol Square.

But as news trickled in about Walker’s victory on Tuesday night, many left with broken hearts.

About 1,000 protesters continued to march to the beat that’s lasted more than a year. Barrett supporters said that they feel the election results could create even more division in an already divided state.

“I know i wouldn’t go out and riot, but I feel like there’s going to be a lot of tension in Madison for sure, both at the Capitol and around the community,” said Ian Carroll, a Barrett supporter.