You get the final say.



OK, you’ve done your homework, you’ve withstood the torrent of campaign ads, annoying robo-calls and occasional door-knock. You’ve studied positions, listened to debates, discussed with family and friends. Could you possibly be more prepared for an election? There’s only one thing left to do.

Turnout should be pretty good on Tuesday, perhaps 70 percent or more. You know how close the presidential and US Senate races are expected to be, so we don’t need to tell you your vote counts. No, actually we think the more compelling reason to vote is that after all you’ve been through the last…what’s it been, two years…it would be unfinished business if you didn’t vote. You get the final say. Why not use it? And don’t forget the legislative contests that have not gotten nearly the attention they deserve. Finish the job. Cast your vote. And we’ll see you here on News 3 Tuesday night.