Vote ‘no’ on transportation amendment

Vote ‘no’ on transportation amendment

Regardless of your feelings about cars, mass transit and the price of gas, most of us believe in the value of safe and efficient roads.

Upkeep and needed rebuilding of roads cost money of course and where that money comes from is a legitimate topic of civic discourse. But to our minds, roads simply are not so important as to require an amendment to the Wisconsin State Constitution.

We take constitutional amendments very seriously, as we should. If anything is “written in stone,” it’s a constitutional amendment. And that’s why we urge a ‘No’ vote on the proposed question on next week’s ballot amending the constitution to prohibit the use of money in the state transportation fund for any other means no matter how desperately it’s needed.

Right now we have as little trust in our elected officials as anybody else. But we are still unwilling to tie their hands to the point where money that might be needed for critical health or well-being needs of citizens is required to be spent on roads. Roads will get their due, as they should. But we need not enshrine that fact in the state constitution. We urge a ‘No’ vote next Tuesday.