Vote in Tuesday’s primary: It is the work of citizens

Voting generic

While we are spending some time this year examining how citizens can work together to effectively govern themselves in the face of historically dysfunctional government, it is also important, and it will always be important, to vote. Voting is too, the work of citizens.

While Tuesday’s election includes some important municipal office primaries the theme of this primary election is education.

Voters will be choosing, among other things, two candidates for superintendent of public instruction, two seats on the Madison School Board, and seats on a number of local school boards.

These are the jobs where the work of educating our kids is influenced by critically important policy decisions. That we have enough candidates in these elections to necessitate a primary is a good sign. But you need to get out and make a choice in order for it to work as it should.

Vote: it is part of the work of citizens.