Volunteers leave for Florida to help with Hurricane Dorian recovery

Municipal Electric Utilities of Wisconsin is sending 27 crew members to Florida to help speed up Hurricane Dorian recovery.

Shawn Dilley, superintendent at Vanguard Electric, leaves Sunday morning and plans to spend the next 10 days restoring power for communities affected by the storm. He said he can’t predict how bad the damage will be but expects to put in 16 hours per day.

“Depending on the pole, probably four or five hours,” Dilley said about how long it takes to fix a broken pole. “Some poles can take a day, depending how busy the pole is.”

Two years ago, Dilley volunteered to help with Hurricane Irma recovery.

“We got to experience the wrath of a hurricane then and it kind of made us appreciate what we got back here,” Dilley said. “Going a couple of weeks without air conditioning in 100-degree weather is a little rough on people.”

Dilley said he enjoys helping other communities because his community might need the favor returned one day.

“I take pride in it,” Dilley said. “We are away from home, away from our families. It’s kind of nice giving back to other people’s communities and seeing the relief they get from us putting their power back on.”

The crews are heading to Florida, although their route may change if they are needed elsewhere.

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