Volunteer firefighter ordered to pay restitution

Grossen sentenced to jail time, probation
Volunteer firefighter ordered to pay restitution

A former volunteer firefighter in Darlington was ordered to pay restitution and spend six months in jail after facing charges related to an embezzlement case.

Darlington police arrested Jonathan Grossen, 31, in July of 2012 after investigating questionable cash withdrawals he made while treasurer of the community fire department.

Grossen was charged with two counts of theft and two counts of forgery. He was ordered Wednesday to pay back $47,284 stolen from the department’s donation accounts, three years of probation and six months in jail.

Police said Grossen stole the money in small increments over three years that went unnoticed until the months before his arrest.

After Grossen was not re-elected to the treasurer position, he handed over records that revealed several suspicious withdrawals, police said.

Police said once the fire department noticed the suspicious withdrawals, it brought the matter to the attention of the Darlington Police Department and asked that it be investigated.

The department takes in about $50,000 in donations yearly, meaning the lost money is about equal to one year’s fundraising work.