Viva Mexico: La Movida celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month, Mexican Independence Day

MADISON, Wis. — Breese Stevens Field was filled with color and music Sunday afternoon as the Madison community gathered in a celebration of Hispanic culture.

Today’s event, Viva Mexico, honors Mexico’s Independence Day as well as Hispanic Heritage Month. The festival, hosted by La Movida, has been hosted at the field since 2016. In non-pandemic years, it’s drawn over 5,000 attendees. Today, Event organizer Lupita Montoto hopes to draw in that same energetic crowd.

“La Movida is not just a radio station, it’s a way of life,” said Montoto. “Being far away from your country and have the opportunity to celebrate it makes it more special.”

Last year’s event was held virtually in order to avoid COVID exposure. While the virus has taken its toll on members of the Hispanic community, it certainly hasn’t broken their spirit.

“We know that we lost a lot of family, a lot of Latinos because they are also (frontline) workers,” said Montoto. “We are showing that if we all do it together, we can overcome COVID.”

The festival includes food, music, traditional dances, and even a caravan in celebration of Hispanic culture. Officials at Breese Stevens say it’s events like this that bring color to the field.

“It feels great not just to have people out but to honor such a rich culture,” said Lucas Molloy, the General Manager of the field. “When you see people come in and leave with a big smile on their face there’s nothing that makes me more happy.

Overall, La Movida’s message is clear: Community, partnership, and loyalty. A message anyone in the community is welcomed to be a part of.

“The formula is trust,” said Montoto. “It’s loyalty and community, partnership.”