‘Visit Wuthering Heights’: Classic novels transformed into vintage travel posters

Most book lovers have wistfully imagined taking a vacation in a fictional place from one of their favorite novels.

It’s a notion that’s been brought to life in a series of imaginative, hand-illustrated travel posters that advertise destinations from some of the most popular books ever written as holiday spots.

The posters, which took several months to design, have been devised as part of the “The Great American Read,” an eight-part TV series and multiplatform reading initiative that looks at America’s 100 best-loved novels.

Inspirational travel

Emily Bronte’s classic novel “Wuthering Heights” is one of the 15 books to be given the travel ad treatment, with a rather haunting design in keeping with the theme of the doomed love story.

The “gorgeous” Wuthering Heights is described as having “convenient access” to Thrushcross Grange, another grand home that features in the novel.

“A Game of Thrones” by George R.R. Martin, the first of the books in which the hugely popular TV series is based on, is also featured. King’s Landing, the capital of the Seven Kingdoms, is re-imagined as a vacation destination.

London is showcased in an ad inspired by George Orwell’s “1984” that comes with a message “approved by the Ministry of Truth,” the place where history is falsified in the dystopian novel first published in 1949.

Multiple genres

Wonderland from “Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland,” Narnia from “The Chronicles of Narnia” series and wizardry school Hogwarts from the “Harry Potter” books are among the other made up places touted as go-to spots.

“The 100 books nominated for ‘The Great American Read’ (as voted on through a national survey) span multiple genres, periods in history, and places, both real and fictional — taking readers to new places and on new adventures,” says Lori Dicker, Senior Director of Digital Marketing & Social Media at PBS.

“We wanted to bring these journeys to life with book inspired travel posters — each uniquely representing and capturing key themes from the books — inviting readers to take a trip to a new and exciting location.

“The collection will include 15 posters in the set, shared throughout the summer and fall on social media and are made available for download so book lovers can collect, share and print them all.”

The fall kick off of the The Great American Read airs on PBS on Tuesday, September 11.