Vinny’s Lockers reopen to homeless population after November fire

MADISON, Wis. — Vinny’s Lockers reopened Wednesday, months after a fire destroyed nearly everything late last year.

The lockers provide a space for the homeless community to store personal belongings and important information while they try to find a place to stay. That includes things like personal papers, mementos and clothing.

A fire destroyed the lockers last November, but a fireproof safe helped keep some peoples’ belongings intact.

Those behind the service say there is a huge need for it in our community.

“I think most people know that we have homeless folks that are all over the city. For them, they are just like everyone else. They have important items that need to be stored,” said director of development Eric Fleming.

Vinny’s Lockers is located on Culmen Street, just off of Fish Hatchery Road.