Village Diaper Bank opens new facility, opportunities

MADISON, Wis. — The Village Diaper Bank began with a dream. Megan Sollenberger started a diaper fundraiser four years ago for Hurricane Harvey victims. To keep helping, she started giving away free diapers from her garage.

It’s grown so much since. The bank cut the ribbon on a brand new facility Sunday, allowing them to give away more diapers and make an even bigger impact on Madison families in need.

Village Diaper Bank supplies children with half of their monthly diaper supply. Megan says that diapers account for 14% of expenses for children.

“Every month, we want to make sure that those dollars going back into someone’s pocket are available to use for other essentials that they might be having to make decisions about,” Sollenberger said. “Sometimes it’s about paying your light bill, your car payment, or paying for diapers for your child to be able to do the alternative.” 

The new facility and a new supplier will allow them to grow exponentially.

“We’re doing 80,000 diapers a month right now and I estimate we could do up to 200,000,” Sollenberger said. 

Village Diapers’ work is making Madison a better place, changing people’s lives, and developing the community.

“To have a resource like this, where they can come and get those needs met, is a gift for our community,” Madison Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway said.