Village board discusses police chief’s racist comments

Village board discusses police chief’s racist comments

The Deforest Village Board met Tuesday night to discuss what to do with Chief of Police Dan Furseth. Furseth made racist comments on a video that surfaced this spring. In June he offered to resign but rescinded his offer after not agreeing with the severance package.

At the board meeting, members listened to public comment. All three speakers were against Furseth keeping his job based off of his behavior in the video. In the video you can hear him mock a group of well dressed black men.

“The characterization of the African American men by the chief not only defies the department’s statement on service professionalism and protection. But also creates a grave concern about the chief’s ability and willingness to serve people of color in this community,” Greg Jones, of the NAACP Dane County Chapter.

The board went into closed session at 9:00 p.m. They’ll decide if they want to file a complaint with the Police Commission. The commission will then decide whether to terminate Furseth.